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Services for Young People Reach Out Project, Broxbourne, East Herts and Welwyn Hatfield

  • Ongoing
  • Free
  • Broxbourne, East Herts or Welwyn Hatfield
Sport / Outdoor Adventure

Services for Young People’s Reach Out Project provides individual support to young people vulnerable to sexual exploitation in the Broxbourne, East Herts and Welwyn Hatfield areas.

Close-up of a girl talking to another young person and smiling.

Services for Young People’s Reach Out Project is specifically designed to enable young people to make informed, safe choices in forming and maintaining appropriate, healthy and safe relationships. In addition to one-to-one support, by encouraging young people to join in with group work projects, they are introduced to new friendship groups and new opportunities.

How to join the project

Young people:
If you are worried that your relationship is becoming controlling, abusive or making you uncomfortable, or this has happened to you in the past, get in touch and ask to attend this project.

If you are a parent/carer or work with young people and believe that this would help a young person you know, you can refer them to this project - just get in touch using the phone number or email address below. The team will arrange to speak with the young person and find out more about how we can help them.


Venue: Contact us for details of the venue, which can be in, Broxbourne, East Herts or Welwyn Hatfield

Age Range: 11-17

Cost: Free

Days and times:
Varies depending on individual needs

Booking Info: Booking always needed

Contact: Services for Young People Broxbourne, Welwyn Hatfield and East Herts Teams, tel: 01992 588220, text: 07860 065173, email:, website: click here...