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Services for Young People Broxbourne Youth Council at Cheshunt Young People's Centre, Waltham Cross

Services for Young People Broxbourne Youth Council at Cheshunt Young People's Centre, Waltham Cross
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Youth councils are groups of young people aged 11–17, who come together to represent young people in their local area. Nobody knows about the issues affecting young people better than young people themselves, so come along and have your say! Being part of the Broxbourne Youth Council, which is supported by Services for Young People and Broxbourne Borough Council, will enable you to present your views to those who make decisions so that they can work to improve things in your local community.

Broxbourne Youth Council logo 

The Broxbourne Youth Council meets on Wednesdays to discuss all the issues, good and bad, that young people in the area face, while making active progress on the points within our manifesto. We are very welcoming of new members who would like to come along and help create a better Broxbourne for all young people.

Our priorities are:

  • Young people’s rights (improving services)
  • Youth Awards (recognising achievement)
  • Transport (improving local links for young people)
  • The Local plan (housing and business development)

What have we achieved?

Since our first meeting in January 2014 we have:

  • Run the first ever youth week and Broxbourne Youth Awards
  • Run a transport consultation and begun lobbying to improve local transport (310 bus route)
  • Improved lighting at the local train stations
  • Campaigned against proposed plans for an incinerator in Hoddesdon

As part of the Broxbourne Youth Council and supported by Services for Young People, you will...

  • Attend youth council meetings and take an active part in the development and progress of the group. Keep in contact with group members and your Services for Young People youth workers to ensure all members are up to date on youth council events.

  • Work to make contact with all the different groups that exist in your community, such as sports and youth clubs, schools, ethnic and religious groups, children in care, home-educated communities, travellers and homeless people.

  • Ensure that these groups are aware that the youth council exists and how they can take part.

  • Identify issues that are of concern to all young people in your community through consultations, e.g. questionnaires, surgeries in schools, letters, emails, online surveys, social media.

  • Debate the issues identified from the consultations, discuss possible solutions to the issues and present these to the adults who have the authority to change things, e.g. school leadership teams, local councillors, leaders of local organisations and other influential adults.

You can follow us on Twitter. Check out our Flickr photostream!

Cheshunt Young People's Centre is fully wheelchair accessible. 


Venue: Cheshunt Young People's Centre, 178 Crossbrook Street, Waltham Cross EN8 7JY

Age Range: 11-17

Cost: Free

Days and times:
Every Wednesday, 7-9pm
Term time only

Booking Info: Booking always needed

Contact: Broxbourne Borough Council and the Services for Young People Broxbourne Team, tel: 01992 588220, text: 07860 065173, email:, website: click here...