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Hertfordshire County Council ensures that children and young people have a say in the services they receive. Since 2016 the voice of young people has been at the very heart of these services. We're looking for young people to join this brilliant programme - could it be you? Open to young people in Hertfordshire aged 13-19, up to 21 for care leavers and 24 for those with additional needs.

Who are Young Commissioners?

Young Commissioners are young people from all over the county from a diverse range of backgrounds. Some of you might be young people living away from home, some of you may be care leavers, and some may have disabilities or learning difficulties. But all of you are committed to make change for the better.

What do I need to do as a Young Commissioner?

You'll attend a training programme to learn more about what will be involved before formally signing up. This could be a two day programme held over a weekend or alternatively run over four evening sessions, depending on the preference of the group.

Learn about how services for children and young people are developed, commissioned and delivered, and how co-production between young people and decision makers works.

Develop your skills in advocacy and representing others, presentation and recording skills. Learn how to work in groups, how to assess quality and what evidence to look for.

This is your chance to get involved and influence the services available to you. It's about making changes with you and making sure that the services you need are the services you get. So enjoy it and believe you're making a difference - you are!

Please get in touch if you'd like to join. Contact details are below.


Venue: Meetings and training events, are at various venues, Countywide

Age Range: 13-19 (or 24 if you have learning difficulties or disabilities)

Cost: Free

Days and times:
Held throughout the county at various intervals. Please contact us for details of the next meeting or training event.

Booking Info: Booking always needed

Contact: Services for Young People, tel: 01992 555802 , email:, website: click here...